News: Wingate - Nikki Bull Post Match

We caught up with Nikki Bull following the 2-1 win over Wingate & Finchley;

It was a hard fought battle out there and it was important to get the three points. What did you make of today’s performance?

NB: It was a scrappy game and it could have gone either way. I thought we started extremely well in the first half, but on too many occasions this season we go one nil up doing the correct things, and then we get into a comfort zone where we switch off and allow our standards to drop. We gifted them an equaliser today, which gave them a massive lift and then it was a real dogfight. We tried to change things around in the second half and I think the lads’ work rate, hunger and desire came through for us and won the day.

We got a bit of luck with the second goal and I’m delighted with the three points.

Jack Skinner made his debut today and looked promising by providing an assist for Shaun’s goal. What did you make of his performance?

I thought it was a pleasing debut and he will only get better. He was thrown in the deep end at the last minute and hasn’t had much men’s football, so it was a good opportunity for him to show what he is about. I thought he took that opportunity well and I’m excited to see how he develops with us.

How long will Jack be with us?

It’s on a week-by-week basis. Woking are doing quite well at the moment and they have a big squad, so I’m sure if his chances are limited there Woking will allow us to keep him for a period of time.

Unfortunately Shaun Okojie was forced off with an injury in the first half. Is there any update on his situation?

It’s too early for an update and it looks like he has rolled his ankle. We’ll get it iced up and know more in the next 24 hours.

He managed to get on the score sheet today, which is three times in a row now, so I’m sure he’ll want a swift recovery.

The team is on a good run at the moment and is unbeaten in the last three matches home and away. Whitehawk are up next and what do you expect from them on Tuesday?

It will be a tough game and there are no easy games in this league. People will look and say ‘they are bottom of the league and they’ve been beaten again today’ but, as I keep saying, to win games at this level you need hunger, desire, commitment and work rate. You also need eight or nine players to win their individual battles, which we just about managed today – we need that again on Tuesday.

Lastly, I would like to say that the three points certainly belongs to the supporters and those that turned up at 9am this morning to make sure the game went ahead – that was huge. It goes to show that there is a lot of good will at this club. People were willing to give up their Saturday mornings with their forks, sweeper and brushes to make sure this game went ahead and those three points were for you. Without you guys, we would have all been sitting at home watching the TV, so thank you very much.

Finally, how pleased were you with the turn out at the Supporters Club Meeting on Friday night?

It was very good and I wasn’t expecting that many to be there. Since I’ve been at the club there has been a number of situations that have surprised me; the turn out at Dorking and when we had Hitchin at home in the FA Cup replay are ones that stand out. There are people here that we need to engage with and give them a sense of identity and belonging.

It’s ok to dream, football fans should be coming into a club dreaming that they can achieve things and I feel that Friday night was the first step to unifying the football club. It’s a good football club and a lot of great things go on behind the scenes and on the board with volunteers putting in hours of hard work. Now it’s about taking those steps and uniting the club by getting everyone pulling in the same direction.