News: Get to know: Will Seager

Will made his Tanners senior debut in the Surrey Senior Cup in December 2017 and was part of the FA Cup squad that reached the Second Round of the competition last season. This season he has been a regular in the starting XI demonstrating his versatility by appearing at right back, left back, centre midfield and centre half in his 30 odd first team appearances to date.

You are now starting regularly, how are you enjoying life at the Grove at the moment?

I’m really enjoying playing as much as possible as I want to develop more and more as a player. I appreciate how the fans and the club are supporting me and the team, no matter the outcome of the games.


What are your personal ambitions for your time with the Tanners?

Personally just to try and play as many games as I can and up my experience as a player recently coming into men’s football. 

Growing up, which players or sports people generally did you take inspiration from? Who were your childhood heroes?

I used to love the way Iniesta played and how much he created at Barcelona, he was such an intelligent player with a good attitude. When I was younger I wanted to play the way he did. 

Aside from football what are your main interests?

I like listening to music, socialising with my mates and playing golf a few times a week as well.

How did you come to be playing for Leatherhead?

I played for the u19s under a scholarship programme. Playing in the reserves and U21s I trained with the 1st team last season and got involved in a few games later on last season.

You’re hosting a dinner party this weekend. Which three celebrities are invited, and why?

i would invite Kevin Hart because I find him so funny. Frank Lampard as I would love to know what it was like playing in the Premier League as well as England and Anthony Joshua because of his dedication to his career which would motivate me in football. 

What has been the highlight of your football career to date?

In terms of men’s football I couldn’t put it down to a single thing, I would say this season so far is definitely up there because of the support and appreciation from everyone at the club and I haven’t received anything like that before, so it’s definitely one to remember.

Do you have any pre match rituals or superstitions?

Not really. I like to go out onto the pitch quite early just to prepare myself individually, it helps me focus but other than that I wouldn’t say so

Do you have a nickname?

I don’t remember having one when I was younger but recently Seags has been the main one and I’m happy with that.

Who has been the biggest influence on your playing career to date?

I would definitely have to say my Dad. Since I could remember he always took me to anything football related. I’ve learnt so much from him about my attitude, morals and I guess the way I play. There’s been a few low points or setbacks in the past few years and I look back now at how much support he’s given me and I guess his efforts and commitment just gives me more motivation to carry on.

If you were stuck on a desert island which teammate would you take and why?

Probably Blakey because I get on well with him. I think he would be hopeless at survival but at least it would be a laugh. 

Where do you live and what do you do as a day job?

I live in Sutton and focus mainly on football but have a part time job at a leisure centre. 

What music do you enjoy listening to before a match?

I enjoy house or techno house but I am happy to listen to anything that gets me going before a game.


If your life was turned into a movie, which actor would play you?

Probably Mark Wahlberg, even though I don’t look anything like him, he’s been good in every film I’ve seen him in. 

What is your footballing ambition (apart from staying at Leatherhead for the next ten years of course!)?

I think to progress as high as I possibly can in football, I’m happy where I am at the moment and hope to see myself progress in the future. I would like hope the end goal for me is to play professionally. 

Which team do you support?

I think my dad stuck me in a Chelsea shirt as soon as he could so I don't think I had much of a choice, but yeah always been Chelsea.

What is your favourite movie and why?

Probably 21 jump street or 22 jump street because I just found them so funny and they are films I could keep watching.

Finally, do you have a message for the Leatherhead supporters?

I just want to say so far this season thanks for all the support I I’ve been getting and I’m happy to be a part of a club like Leatherhead with so much encouragement. Let’s hope we keep turning out results until the end of the season and who knows where we might be. Up the Tanners!