News: Tanners Supporters Club News

Following a series of supporters meetings, the Tanners Supporters Club (TSC) has now been officially constituted with an elected committee, chaired by David Pope. Whilst independent of Leatherhead FC, the TSC has been formed to provide a common forum for Tanners fans to work together to support the football club. The focus is on raising additional funds and providing a representative supporters forum to improve two-way communication with the club.

Over the coming months fans will see a number of events and initiatives organised by the TSC, most significantly the launch of a supporters lottery later in the summer.

The football club very much welcomes the formation of the TSC, and recognising the aim to improve communication and liaison we have invited a member of the TSC committee to join the football club committee. In turn the TSC have proposed that John Dean is their representative; we look forward to working with John for the benefit of the club. John is now retired following a successful business career, and also has experience of football club workings through time with the senior leadership team at Crystal Palace.

For further information on the TSC please email on: and follow them on Twitter: @ClubTanners