News: New Boardroom Arrives

As part of continuing developments to the club over the summer, a new board room Portakabin has been installed at Fetcham Grove today. 

Following the floods of 2013 a number of buildings at the club were damaged beyond repair. One of these buildings was the boardroom, and anyone who has visited the clubhouse since then will have noticed the temporary boardroom in the main bar which has taken up a considerable amount of space.

Since the floods the board have been seeking to move the boardroom back out of the bar and we are pleased to say that this morning the replacement boardroom was delivered from East Yorkshire.

The board would like to thank everyone involved with providing the funds to purchase the Portakabin assisted by generous donations from Shareholders, the Board of Directors and The Untouchables, the volunteers who helped ready the area for its arrival and Portakabin for being onsite to ensure the safe delivery. 

More images of the delivery below.