News: Carshalton Athletic - Martin McCarthy Post Match

Despite a positive performance, we failed to pick up any points today. What are your thoughts on the game?

Despite the loss, I was really pleased with us – I thought it was one of our best performances of the season.

If you take into consideration the weather and that we lost two key players early in the half, I was really pleased with our intent and our desire was far better than it has been in weeks. We haven’t got any points today but if we play like that every week then I’ll be happy with the squad.

The weather was very hot today and we were forced into two early substitutions as well. Do you think this had a huge impact on the game?

It would have been nice if we could have kept our substitutions. We planned to bring on John Ufuah and Charlie Hester-Cook in the second half so we had more legs in central and wide areas. When Ezra went off we had to change that up and bring John on as a right back which was just to match up with pace as their wide players are extremely fast.

It’s one of those things, the weather is always an influence and we have just have to get on with it.

After five games this season, we probably don’t have the points return that we want. Do you think our performances have warranted better results?

I think we should have more points on the board. The most frustrating thing for Nikki and I prior to today is that we have been one nil up in every game and ended up with two points.

We’ve been in control of many games and faltered – you could put that down to many things; is it fitness? Is it switching off? Is it desire? I’ve spoke about an acceptance from the players that we’ll get results because that’s what we did last year.

It’s a hard one to say and you aren’t given anything in this league and you have to earn it. I think we’ve played well in certain games and we haven’t got the results that we deserved so far – I think a draw would’ve been a fair result today as we had some great chances.

It’s fine margins that decide games and I can assure everyone that we’re not feeling sorry for ourselves and we’ll go again which starts Saturday at home to Lewes.

It was just you in the dugout today and was there a reason why Nikki wasn’t here today?

A few people asked me today and Nikki has decided to take some time away to consider his future. The past 12 months on the field have been brilliant but off the pitch it hasn’t been great – it’s been quite frustrating from both Nikki and myself.

We give everything week after week and, at times, we had a feeling that we might be taken for granted and this feeling doesn’t disappear overnight.

On Saturday Nikki mentioned to me that he wouldn’t be at the game today and he might not be there this coming Saturday but he has to go away and consider his future after recent speculation. I hope that he has a nice break with his family and comes back so we can continue to work together.

A lot of people have asked me about him today and, I don’t want to lie to anyone, it’s something he has to consider but all the players and myself hope he comes back. I can’t make any guarantees but I certainly wouldn’t lie to anybody.

There were a couple of resignations and a lot of speculation going around the club in the week. We’ve seen questions asked to you on social media and are these tough to ignore?

Yes, it’s really hard to ignore. We only know what everyone else knows so I only know as much as they do. I’m a great believer of  ‘the truth will always come out’ and when it does I know the supporters will be grateful for the decisions that Nikki and I have made for their club over the past 12 months.

I think it’s easy to walk away sometimes but we are both loyal to the core. We hope our time and loyalty is rewarded – we know it is by the supporters.

We just have to wait and see what happens but Nikki and I have ambition and that’s a fact. After recent conversations over the last few weeks, we both felt that he needed to take time away because we didn’t want him to make any rash decisions.

Obviously the show has to go on and Mark Allen and myself got on with the job today and I don’t think we suffered. Although a character like Nikki’s is always going to be missed.

I’m speaking to him every day and working on him and I’m hoping I can sway him but no promises.

Finally, on Saturday we play Lewes and how vital are three points in that game?

It’s vital and we want three points every week. We were in this position last year and the performances were nowhere near where there needed to be but I think the guys have put in an absolute shift in for the shirt.

We need three points for our momentum and we have to keep picking up points.

Lewes will be difficult and we drew 1-1 with them at home last year. But I think we are a bit of a different animal and I think today we saw a bit of the difference in the football played.