News: Board Statement

Following the recent club announcement regarding Richard Brady and Duncan Evans, the Board are aware that there has been various speculation around the decision. We would like to make it clear that resignations of Richard and Duncan were by mutual consent and with the full knowledge of the Board and with the clubs interest first and foremost.

The Board remains committed to the growth and success of the club and will continue to work with the fans, supporters club, management team and staff to build a successful future.

We are also aware that there has been some uncertainty regarding the position of the management team however, we are pleased to confirm that Nikki Bull, Martin McCarthy and the New Board are fully supportive of each other and have committed to work together for the future success of the club

We hope this announcement will go some way to help allay any concerns that may exist and we ask you all to continue to support and help the club where you can so that between us we can make this club even more successful.

We look forward to seeing you all at the ground.

Richard Bligh, Gerald Darby, Jeff Money, Ian Pegg & Daniel Hodges – The Board